Wednesday, 9 November 2011

our home away from home

One of my favorite places to go to is Ikea.

I love so much about it. The private-public spaces that change in mood and atmosphere every 10 steps of the way, the quiet bustle of people looking, browsing, buying, the feeling of hope and expectation hanging in the air - that this will be the perfect frame/stool/bed we've been looking for all this while!

I like roaming around the place planning on how I'll be furnishing my future dream house. If I had it my way, I'd have a huge house with a gazillion differently themed rooms just so I'd be able to decorate all the rooms in different ways.

I like how you never know what you'll find around the corner. =)

And then of course, there's the food! I've always wanted to try these (though they look a little on the radioactive side) but at the end of the day, I always end up getting the same things to share -- meatballs and shrimp salad (which might have been discontinued already! ;'( sigh).

Oh yeah but not to forget, someone always gets fried chicken wings and for some reason we were adventurous enough that day to try out some of those pancakes. Not particularly memorable though!

One of the BEST things about Ikea though would be the smooth-serve ice cream that's available in the basement for only $1.50! It's SOOOOOO good. Way better than any McDonald's ice cream. If you haven't tried it before, please do! You'll leave the place feeling so light-hearted and content, you'll always want to come back. For some reason I didn't take a photo of the ice cream that day, but I'll probably stumble upon one in my folders soon enough.

One day I'd really like to go to THE Ikea store in Sweden. And eat the REAL Swedish meatballs. Two things to add to my bucket list.

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  1. I really like ikea as well and I've been to the ikea in Sweden Sundsvall, its not great but it could be because its in the countryside. Anyway i have the mouse in grey and my cat loves it!