Monday, 28 November 2011

It's Monday - we're alive!

Recently discovered local artist and illustrator, eeshuan, and his work online through my sis who sent me a link to one of his cuuuute illustrations (that will come later!). Was browsing through his website, gardensilly, and saw all the album artwork he had designed for a CD (featuring local artists) sold by the Singapore Cancer Society as a fund-raising initiative. I just thought it was pretty perfect for Sunday night/Monday morning blues. ;p

  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

 Source: All images from gardensilly. (some slightly cropped for display here)

I just thought the words on the album jacket were so apt. So many of us suffer from weekly/perennial Sunday night/Monday blues. I especially, whine and complain to anyone who'll listen on most mornings that aren't Friday/the Weekend. But really, when you think about it, every next day we get is a simple blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy. We always think of Mondays/tough days as days that involve a ton of work, stress, fatigue, a lousy time in general...when maybe, another way to look at it is another day of opportunities - of chances to do our job well, to face up to challenges and grow in our mental strength and competencies; of time spent enjoying fun moments with friends and family; of the ability to pursue a dream one step at a time. I'm sure you get the gist. :p I fear this will start becoming overly cheesy if I continue on. But sometimes cheese in moderation is pretty good for the tummy. And to me, it makes a whole lot of sense. At the end of the day, 'tomorrow' represents another day of hope and opportunity to make it a darn good day. I'm going to try and remember this whenever I feel the Sunday night and Monday blues creeping up on me. 

 Ohh and before I forget, here's the illustration my sis showed me that really got me interested in this artist: Photobucket 

CUTE, YESSS?!!? :D Our dear ol' Courtesy Lion!!! It was his entry for Project Singa that was launched under the Singapore Kindness Movement in an attempt to re-invent the age old Courtesy Lion icon. Unfortunately, I read on another blog that it's supposed to show how he's kinda jaded after many years of campaigning for us? :P I never actually noticed that! I just thought he looked really adorably stoned.

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