Thursday, 10 November 2011

#1 This Week on Instagram

As anyone who's ever eaten a meal with me would probably attest to, I'm an ardent fan of food photography. :D And I'll wholeheartedly admit it! Some people lament the trend of people photographing everything they eat that has seemingly burgeoned over the last few years but I see nothing wrong with it. There are times when you are forced into taking a photo of someone/something you don't like; why not take a photo of something you like/enjoy/ADORE?? Plus, Instagram has made it a million times easier.

If you don't already know of it, Instagram is just a wicked awesome photography app for iPhone (maybe it's available for Android phones as well?) that has about 10+ in-built filters that allow you to alter the way your photo looks. It's simple, looks pretty darn great (or at least way better than the original most of the time), is super easy to use and allows for sharing with hundreds (or thousands?) of other Instagram users everywhere.

I must have accumulated more than a hundred Instagram shots over the past few months so I might as well put them into a little collage and share them every other week or so.

Here's the first one, with photos taken over the span of the last few months. :)


(From left to right)

1. A pretty sign for the Public Garden Flea Market! :) It was held last Saturday at the F1 Pit Stop Building and I'm so glad I went for it. I hadn't gone for a flea market in agesss so it was so nice to just walk around leisurely and check out all the interesting and quaint items being sold by the various vendors. Photos on that soon!

2. Me and my dearest friend, Cheryl. :D This was taken the first time we met up after she came back to Singapore for good after studying in London. We sipped on some OChaCha tea and went for a Japanese dinner after that. Good times. And many more to come!

3. Even a plastic (?)/ clay (?) doggie gets a nice scarf to keep warm in the Tangs WinterWonderland.


4. Color scheme for that day! :)

5. I couldn't believe how cute this little toddler was. Normally I'm not a fan of kiddies but this one was just right -- not screaming, not crying, with BIG CUTIE EYES. >:D


5. View at the Marina Bay.

6.It's only November but Starbucks is selling its special Christmas blends already!! Oh, Christmas is in the air ~~~ <3

7. At the shuttle bus terminal in NUS. Seriously, how can they expect anyone to board the bus with that sort of crowd?? And it was a hot, humid day too.

PSST, let me know if you're an Instagrammer too! :)

Happy because... it's Friday tomorrow!!

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