Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ermie - prints, dresses and scarves

Stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous fabric prints I've seen..!!! :DDD
Aren't these incredibly beautiful? All hand made by designer Jennifer Parry Dodge. According to the website, these are "original prints digitally printed in North Carolina and San Francisco using water-based pigment inks on natural fiber textiles".
This one's my favorite. I love how the print reminds me of beautiful Bokeh lights.

There's an almost tribal feel to the fiery colors in this one but they're much more toned down and the color combination just makes it so elegant. Of course, it's also how it's been accessorized, with that unique embroidered belt. 

Honestly, just looking at those dresses makes my insides go queasy in an ahhh-i-just-want-to-lay-my-hands-on-that-soft-fabric way. I can't wait for the day (IF i get to that stage) when I can afford one of a kind pieces like these. They're so beautiful and individually made by the seller so I my eyes only widened just that much more when I saw the price. A cool $370-$385 for the dresses. I would so fill my wardrobe with perfect pieces like these. In my opinion, it's always good to get a couple of choice pieces that are so unique you'd never run the risk of wearing the same piece as another person at a gathering and of course, if it's comfortable and memorable... plus plus plus points! I tend to gravitate towards print dresses more so than solids because if they're gorgeous, they just do the job for you. :) No need to think about accessorizing with statement jewelry or adding makeup or getting a spiffy handbag to act as the focal point for the outfit. It's complete as it is. Easy peasy for lazy pies like me. 


And just look at these scarves... I've started having a thing for lightweight scarves since they're probably the only thing you can layer onto your outfit in the hellishly humid SG weather (after cardigans) without collapsing from the heat. It's so easy to layer a pretty print scarf over a plain basic top and suddenly the ensemble gets transformed to something different. Now to find out how to tie scarves in more ways than one. 

So, if you can take it, check out the store, Ermie, here

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  1. It is hard to understand why anyone will feel that pieces of stiched up fabrics are worth that price tag... I am a man and I don't understand.