Sunday, 13 November 2011

just like the old days

The Little Drom Store (one of the cutest and quirkiest gallery shops in Singapore) has some incredibly unique tote bags that bring to mind the good ol' days of Primary School! :D Seriously, I'm pretty sure all primary school kids would've played these (pretty lame) hand games at least once in their lifetime.

Photo from the little drom store 

These just bring to mind such a sense of nostalgia. Of course, the red and blue colors against the weathered look of the canvas make it very reminiscent of old school posters. Now that I think of it, I can't believe how as children, we were able to learn a hand game, replicate it, and pass it on, all the while not really understanding a single bit of what we said/chanted/chorused during the game itself. Cherry Cherry Long Chiam Pass?? I can't believe I fell for that, once upon a time. :P

These bags are available at their online store or their shop at 7 Ann Siang Hill. :)

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