Sunday, 29 January 2012

Taipei - Supper in the Streets

I love places that have a bustling night scene. Taipei's just like Hong Kong, with plenty of restaurants and small eateries open till late at night. I think we had this one night after traipsing/eating our way through a night market but needed a bit more food for sustenance. Taipei's terrible for the tummy. Just non-stop work for it from morning till night.

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I remember the noodles + bean sprouts + minced meat dish to be pretty tasty. The noodles in gravy one however... somehow I've found that I'm not a huge fan of stuff soaked in dubious starchy gravy sauce that seems to feature quite a bit in Taiwanese street food. Photobucket Photobucket
(Taipei, Dec 2011)
As you can see, Sandra, my fellow photographer on the trip, was also busy at work documenting our food. :D I love how Cheryl and Siang were completely understanding about us constantly whipping out our cameras at every single meal. I know it must be a pain for most people but but but in my defense, I'm really helping to capture moments worth remembering. Try using that line the next time somehow's about to blow a fuse when you take out your camera before the start of a scrumptious meal. 

Short post this time because it's late and there's school tmr (YUCKK). Attended a really great CNY gathering earlier tonight which was really a massive steamboat session (2 huge trays of veggies and mushrooms and a couple of trays of pork/lamb/beef and the smallest yummiest pork+chive dumplings) topped off with homemade cookies and cream ice cream (made by a guy!). I'm a little bummed that the height of the CNY festivities is almost over. Feels a little quieter this year. But at least there's still a whole bunch of goodies left to finish. 



  1. all that food. makes me want some. especially that very yummy looking tofu dish...


  2. This all looks delicious, I have not had some really good street food in ages!