Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Always happy looking forward

Now I know that title sounds a little like one of those mangled-English-quotes you get on a smiley-cutesy-lacy shirt from Taiwan/HK/Japan but in my defense, I've just finished my exams and my brain's still in the process of recovering its lost brain cells. :p I'm pretty zonked at the moment. Ever get into that sort of zone when you're pretty darn tired but there's something inside (or more like something on the computer screen in front of you) pushing you to go on? I call it the 'tired high'.

That said....

HAPPY 2012!!!! :)

A little belated this greeting is, I know (omg now I'm speaking like little Yoda), but I always feel better late than never! So here's also wishing you a belated Merry X'mas as well. I wish I could've blogged a lot more in the past month but I had the misfortune of having to sit for exams that were right smack in the middle of January so I ended up having to study through Xmas and New Year. -___- There are cruel people in the world who do this to students.

So a couple of things I was just thinking of sharing here now that we're all on the cusp of new things to come. I always like that feeling. :D And I tend to jump at any opportunity I have to create some sort of change in my life - for the better, of course. Whenever a new school term starts... or when there's a little holiday (regardless of how short it may be) I tend to entertain the thought of inciting some change/order/improvement in my life. Soooo... here are my new year resolutions:

1. Eat healthily
2. Exercise more (for fitness and health, not just for weight loss!)
3. Nurture and maintain the relationships that mean the most to me in life
4. Be grateful

Hmm I suppose they are a teeny bit unspecific ;p If I wanted to really achieve them I probably need to plan out bite sized manageable step by step goals to achieve a bit at a time right? I'll probably get down to doing that in awhile. But that's really the gist of it.

Here's something I'd recommend everyone read -->

30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself


30 Things to Stop Doing for Yourself

written by bloggers Marc and Angel Hack Life. I read the second one first and thought everything that was in that post made so much sense that I went on to the next one. I'm a sucker for self-help stuff but this really is just a reminder of the things in life that we often tend to overlook. And if anyone's looking to start the year on a fresh page and start well, I'd definitely read this. It does help put things in perspective. =)

And something else that I really wanted to share during the Xmas period but really was too guilt-ridden over my pathetic attempts at studying to even try blogging, is this:

Like seriously, my favorite sexyface JGL and the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel??? WHAT A GEM!!! :DDD I discovered it through ahem both their twitter feeds as well as the website Hello Giggles , of which Zooey Deschanel is one of the co-founders. It's quite a cute website; full of columns about entertainment, beauty, memorable stuff... a lot of which seem to be contributed by women who are keen for a laugh, beauty tip, good read about daily life. Check it out if you haven't already done so! xx

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