Sunday, 22 January 2012

the second New Year of the year :)

As it's 1 a.m. this time now, I should say Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! :) I really had meant to do a little CNY eve post and show some of the photos that I took over dinner at my grandparents' house but but but my mum, sis and I got carried away with the latest episode of Modern Family. :) It's HILARIOUS and if you aren't already hooked onto it, you should definitely start watching. It'll provide endless hours of side splitting laughter and make you feel good on the crappiest of days.

That said, I'm so glad it's the Year of the Dragon this year, because *ahem* I'm one too. X) And so far it's been a pretty good year and there's a ton to look forward to over the next few months so... I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment. But really, it's just because the next two days are public holidays and I'm gonna be stuffing my face with new year goodies and sleeping in and being a total (happy) pig.

Some photos from dinner at my grandparents' house tonight:

Isn't Baby adorable??? (yeah, that's her name!) She's my cousin's doggy and she's probably the fattest, laziest, cutest retriever I've seen yet. Most of the times when I go to the house in the afternoons, she's ALWAYS snoozing in a patch of sunlight. I can totally understand that though. It's one of the best ways to deal with the insufferable SG heat. She's usually not allowed inside the house but I guess they let her inside the kitchen since it was raining outside. I thought it was so cute how extraordinarily attentive she was inside the kitchen; watching everyone prepare the food and probably hoping to get lucky. :D

Photobucket Photobucket

Teehee. Staring at the food on the table!


The CNY eve dinner spread!! There was sooo much good food and there's definitely gonna be more tomorrow. :D Really looking forward to tossing some Yu Sheng tomorrow. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  

Nian Gao cooked with slices of yam. Not my favorite thing in the world 'cos it's kinda just a big slab of sweet sticky glutinous cake that you get sick of eating after about 3 bites. But that's tradition for you. Appears on the dining table every year. ;p


So that's my little niece, Amanda, in the center. She's about 16 months now and is pretty darn adorable. The two people by her side are my mum and dad. I thought it was pretty funny/cute how they were both taking turns feeding her after her main meal was over. My dad was like, "Turn right, and you get some fish maw. Turn Left and you get some bun!" Heh. It was kinda sweet/freaky seeing the two of them feed her that way. Almost seemed like a scene from 20 + years ago when my sis/I were that age. D'awwwww. :)))


Getting up close and personal with Amanda!! She likes going reaaaaaaaaaaal close to the lens; sometimes so close I can't even focus on her! It's nice having a teeny toddler around the house, especially at gatherings. Whenever there's a bit of a lull in the conversation or when people are too full and lazy to talk, all they have to do is sit around and watch that little ball of energy as she entertains herself, not realizing she's also entertaining about 10 other people in the room. ;)

Before I head off to bed and some pre-bedtime reading (soooo happy I've got more time to read now that the exams are over), you must must must watch this awesome video: 


This is one of the BEST video clips I've seen hands down. It's basically a promotional video done by Onitsuka Tiger about the legendary Zodiac Race among the animals that decided the order in which they'd be featured in the Zodiac calender. It's hilaaaaarious, especially if you listen hard to the commentary! :D And of course, you get to seen how incredibly magnanimous the Dragon was. There's really just no competition. 

 xx Peace out.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year! Your family had an amazing spread of food! But one the best parts of CNY is the food. I don't care much for that gooey nian gao either.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year. I love Chinese NEW Year food too.

    Enjoy the rest of the year =P