Friday, 20 January 2012

Style Snippet: 1 Week to Closet Revamp!!

Seriously, Ruche is one of my favorite online stores ever. Not only do I love just about everything they sell because it's pretty, sassy with vintage twist and really unique, but the girls at Ruche always take the effort to come up with amazing lookbooks and features which show how versatile a lot of their pieces are. Pretty much all the stuff is gorgeous so GO TAKE A LOOK! 

One of their most recent features was this: One Week to a New Closet !! It couldn't have come at a better time. After all, Chinese New Year is in like 2 days :DDD and it's the time when most of the Chinese families are busy spring cleaning...letting in good feng shui into the house haha... and yes, I think my wardrobe is in need of a serious overhaul. These are really great tips if you're looking to doing the same! I'm not in the habit of pruning my wardrobe regularly but apparently that's the wise thing to do in the long run since you'll always know what you have in your closet/what you don't need/what you have to match your possible new buys with.

All images from Ruche

Speaking of Chinese New Year, I'm so happy that this year I can enjoy it without having to worry about any studying at all. :D I think it's a first in a looooong time. I do think this would be quite a perfect CNY outfit:


DV by Dolce Vita Fawna Belted Crepe Dress from Tobi Unfortunately, as all good things go, this one's all out of small sizes. :(( If there's one piece of advice I can dish out based on my numerous hours of online shopping (and trust me, I've done a lot!)(i blame it on the unending stream of tests/exams), it's that once you see an item that you like, IN YOUR SIZE, and that's pretty much PERFECT, you should just GO FOR IT THEN AND THERE. Seriously, no point waiting for the chance of a sale because unless you're camping by your computer 24/7 waiting for the moment the sale starts, there's gonna be some lamer doing the exact same thing and waiting to snatch up the exact item IN YOUR SIZE the minute the sale notification pings in her email account. And you will be left with nothing but DEEP REGRET. Everything sounds more impactful when it's said in a theatrical manner eh? :D But yeah, trust me on this.

So I've just discovered and it looks like it's going to be the start of a nice long relationship. There are tons of brands that the site stocks that are amazing and that I love like Eryn Brynie, BB Dakota, Alice + Olivia, Mink Pink and ohhh the list does indeed go on. But apart from designer brands there are a ton of really nice items that are going for really reasonable prices. :) Yeah, in other words, GO CHECK IT OUT.

And do let me know if there are online stores that you like and would like to recommend? I do believe in sharing the love.


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