Thursday, 19 January 2012

I really want to go here...NOW

I just discovered this recently opened boutique off Bukit Timah Road and it looks AWESOME. Almost like a different, perhaps a smaller, more select version of Rockstar by Soon Lee? (also one of my favorite stores in the whole of SG :D) I think you can tell a lot about a store based on its website and its attempts to brand itself. A quick visit to the Little Man shop's website can probably tell you that it's classy, contemporary and chic. Wow, triple Cs there. But that's the vibe I got, also thanks to its tumblr-theme style site.

All images from the Little Man shop's website and facebook page.

The only problem is, it's kinda in the middle of nowhere with no other shops I know of around the area. I'm all for the trip there asaaaaaap since I have a feeling it's going to be the next big/indie hipster kid on the block. So it'd be good to go there before it's thronging with too many people during the weekends. Unfortunately my usual shopping partner-in-crime is getting cold feet at the thought of having to make a trip all the way there just for the store. HMMPH. I do admit though, that a car would be very welcome for this trip. But that aside, I'm excited. Like a little tween who's just discovered that Backstreet Boys are releasing a new album and she has GOTSSS TO GET ITTT. :) 

It's been a great day so far in any case. Baked the annual Indonesian layer cake with my grandma this afternoon (ugh the heat was stifling though) and went for a great foot reflexology session. I now have a favorite masseuse whom I request for specifically. She's so good I could literally die in her hands. Happy. 

And for tomorrow...TGIF! :D As always.

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