Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Style Bite: B'day Outfits

Yup. I've turned 23. I think as the years go by, birthdays get easier and easier to accept. Especially when you're in your 20s. Every year seems just about the same...until you reach 30? :) Good thing that's a number of years away.

This year I had a really FANTASTIC BDAY!! X) I really wish it could be my birthday everyday because 1. people let you decide on where to go/what to eat/what to do with minimal disagreements 2. scoldings get postponed (turns out this was an actual consideration that my parents made lol and I am grateful for that) 3. you get lovely lovely presents 4. people take the effort to come together to meet up after a loooong time of not meeting :) A birthday post will be coming up next but decided to do a little outfit post showing what I wore on my bday (and featuring Donald as well! :D). I've probably been into fashion blogs for close to 5 years now and I always always enjoy seeing what other people wear/how other average joes/janes like me dress up. So, it's going to be a regular feature on this blog now since fashion is one of my big loves and one of the things that always makes me happy. X)

Photobucket Photobucket 
(Dress: Modcloth, Cardigan: Uniqlo, Shoes: Martina Pink)

I'm really in love with this dress I recently ordered from Modcloth. It's just the perfect party dress in my opinion! :) I love floral prints of any kind and this just had sweet feminine pastel tones to it so if you're a "girly girl" (as my 7 year old cousin so astutely pointed out to me when I was visiting my relatives in Seattle last year) like me, it's pretty perfect. Ugh but no heels for me for the time being. Thank goodness these Martina Pink ones were comfy enough for me to walk around the entire day in but towards the evening, I was starting to get grouchy from the sore feet. Honestly, how do people wear heels all day/to work even?? Let me know if you're aware of some secret way of walking thanks. 

(Shirt: Muji, Jeans: Uniqlo, Boots: NeedSupply.com

Featuring the boy, Donald! :) He's my shopping partner-in-crime and possibly the only person (apart from my mum) who's able to last almost as long as me at the stores. 
We happened to be walking around the Telok Ayer Street area after having popped into Vanilla Bar and Cafe (a post on that coming soon!) and came across this cute little alley which actually links to Ann Siang via a wooden walkway up a hill. And something else we happened to come across:
Some wicked wall art! Wonder what that place was... Probably a bar from the sign jutting out at the side. 
Ok, today's was just a quickie post. More tomorrow. 

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