Sunday, 8 July 2012

a croissant a day

... is something that would be pretty incredible, no? In a way, it's good that there's no bakery that's within walking distance of my place (nahh a Four Leaves outlet doesn't really count!) because I can imagine myself getting one every day for tea and slowly...but surely...expanding...O_O

That said, how lucky are the residents of Tiong Bahru? Apart from the all these awesome eateries and stores, they're now within stone's throw of a recently opened bakery by the Parisian baker, Gontrand Cherrier (who also happens to be Rachel Khoo's good friend! :D according to her little snippets in her recipe book). When I was in Paris just a few months back on the way home from Montreal, Donald and I happened to miraculously step into one of his bakeries in Montmartre and it was one of the best experiences ever. That afternoon, the bakery was quiet and when we entered, there were rows and rows of gorgeous looking tarts, pastries, breads, the WORKS, all ready and waiting for us to pick out and savor. I tried a grapefruit and pistachio paste tart that was SO GOOD (and that was the first time I'd tried pistachio paste!), I was hooked. Naturally, when I heard that he'd opened a bakery in Singapore I was thrilled. And it's part of the Food Collective group of restaurants too. I've only tried Open Door Policy and Barracks@Dempsey but the other places sound awesome too.


Couldn't resist getting a chocolate almond croissant. It looks pretty monstrous right? But I go for taste more than looks when it comes to desserts. After all, most of the time spent eating a dessert is with one's eyes closed. X) This one I must say was pretty decent, but I suppose once you've eaten extremely light and crispy chocolate almond croissants in THE land of croissants, nothing can really compare. This one was just a little heavy/dense in my opinion. That's the problem with eating something really good in a particular place; just like how HK-ers always complain about local dimsum because it can never match up to their standards. DUH. There's no argument there. But in order to still enjoy/appreciate something of decent quality, it's a matter of adjusting your standards and dealing with it.


Couldn't help myself - had to get a chocolate bun too! 


Didn't manage to get that many photos of the place though the branding and interior decor was quirky and slick. I'd definitely like to go back there again to get a closer look at the (maybe more pictures then too!). Also ended up getting a fruit and nut loaf back home which was pretty good. But I would say, for bread, head on over to Baker and Cook! 
Tiong Bahru Bakery 
56 Eng Hoon Street 
Singapore 160056 
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm 
closed on Tuesdays 

Verdict: I would definitely like to go back again to give it another shot but ONLY when it's NOT SO INSANELY CROWDED!!! 

Yes, you've heard me, unless you've got the patience of a monk or old sweet granny, I would advise you NOT to go on a Sunday late afternoon. I know, what was I thinking right? But my mum, sis and I were all free for tea and this place was new and...I couldn't help myself. In the end, we ended up waiting a fair bit just for a seat and if not for the fact that my sis is an excellent seat-nabbing vulture, we might have ended up waiting for a lot longer. There were just too many people inside, the atmosphere being completely opposite from the peace and quiet in the Gontrand Cherrier bakery that I'd been in in Paris. And the seats are packed rather close so instead of having some meaningful conversation, a large part of the time was spent inadvertently (really!) eavesdropping on the next table's conversation (a group of men who looked like they'd just come back from a Club Med trip). Exciting stuff.


(dress: Urban Outfitters, hat: Brixton, from Rock Star by Soon Lee.)

It's been so so so so so hot and humid lately... so I thought I'd bring out my favorite summer hat. :) I don't see why more people don't wear hats in SG! It's the perfect accessory for outfits and helps with shielding away some sun. I'm still always envious of people who live in temperate countries because of their layering opportunities but then when I snap out of my green-eyed/ heat-induced stupor, I figure might as well make the most of living in the tropics by slipping on a cheery sun dress and getting my Vit D on. 

Monday tomorrow. EEPS. 


  1. You look beautiful! You're whole outfit looks great! and OMG those amazing food pictures are drool-worthy! :D

    Hope your okay!!