Saturday, 3 December 2011

dreamers and realists

This week, I watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn. I know half of you are about to puke in your seat while the other half will get a glassy-eyed expression from thinking about the Cullens (or Jacob; whichever team you're on) but I must admit, this movie turned out to be a lot better than expected and a LOT better than Eclipse. :) I first got well, semi-hooked on the series after watching the first Twilight movie and I do think on retrospect, it was largely to do with the pretty awesome soundtrack it had. This 4th movie featured some really amazing songs and I started checking the out the minute I got back home. Possibly my favorite song (that was also featured in the first movie!) -- American Mouth, Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine. I could wake up and fall asleep to this. X) That said, if anyone who can enlighten me on the true meaning of this song's lyrics, I'd be truly amazed and grateful. Sigh. I just think it's the perfect song for Edward and Bella and how sweet is it that it was played at their prom and at their wedding?? Ok, the gushing teenage girl in me shall


Now this next song, Turning Page by Sleeping at Last is THE song to listen to if you just want to curl up in your bed...and possibly shed a few tears of emotion. It's a pretty incredible song and everytime I hear it, something inside simply swells up with emotion.


Apart from that, I've also recently managed to change the lens on these glasses for myself. A month or so ago I had the WORST illness ever and I've managed to make a pretty dramatic story telling out of it after having regaled people with it numerous times. But to cut the long story short, there was a looong fever and eye inflammation that resulted in my having to use dilating eye drops for a period of time which totally screwed up my near vision. Ended up getting a pair of degree lens. Now that everything's back to normal, I figured, might as well make full use of the specs and change in a pair of clear lens, no? :) I've come to think of it as a new accessory, not unlike a necklace or jacket or scarf.


While I really just want to spend my time sitting at a cafe, reading or listening to music or really not doing very much at all but taking it slow... there's a week more of work to be done. Then it's a short break before the final push for the end-of-year exams which have horrendously been placed after the New Year. -__- But there's also stuff to enjoy and stuff to look forward to. Today, I ended up watching the entire show of The Incredibles on youtube and thoroughly enjoyed watching cute little Dash outrunning all the evil minions, all the while with his smug and confident face. >:D 

Had a good weekend so far? 



  1. Hahaha! Hey Lynnette, that's quite a nice look! I think you don't look half bad with glasses at all! =)

    I don't understand why most girls seem to think they look better without specs O.o

  2. Glen!! :DD haha thank youuuu..! and I totally agree with you actually; why are people so caught up with using contact lenses (with all the attendant risks of infection and so on) when they can just get themselves a spiffy pair of glasses for life? :D but to each his own i suppose.