Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dimsum at Victor's Kitchen

Recently went to a fantastic dimsum restaurant for lunch with my very awesome clinical groupmates. We skipped a lecture in the afternoon(SHHHH) and braved the stifling humidity and hot noontime sun for it but really, when it comes down to a reasonably priced and very tasty dimsum lunch with friends versus... 3 hours in class half-drooling and lapsing in and out of consciousness, which memory would you rather have?? >:D


Victor’s Kitchen 
91 Bencoolen Street #01-21 
Sunshine Plaza Singapore

Here's Victor's Kitchen which, apart from the hefty number of positive food reviews plastered on its walls, is an otherwise unassuming restaurant tucked into the deep recesses of Sunshine Plaza. I'd heard about it previously but it always seemed to be packed with people that I never felt the urge to stop and try it out. This time however, we were all under the influence of one of my friends who swore that the dimsum was one of the best in Sinapore he'd ever tasted. And he knows his food. >:)

While I didn't have my camera with me on hand at that time, I did have my iphone + Instagram! :)

Row 1 
Left: Cripsy deep fried beancurd skin rolls. I have no idea what was inside; possible some veg and shrimp and minced meat, but it was GOOD. Each bite was hot and crispy.

Middle: Milk tea! I've never seen it served in this manner before :D but it certainly makes it unique. Highly recommended by my friend. I myself, had iced lemon tea which reminded me a lot of the iced lemon teas you get in HK cafes where they add many thin slices of lemon into the tea (unlike say, some places that merely serve a single slice on the rim of the glass...for decorative purposes), making it pretty authentic.

Right: Pretty decent Chee Cheong Fun. I've never been a huge fan of it but this one had a nice sauce you could dip it into.

Row 2 
Left: Glutinous Rice with Sausage, Chicken...and other ingredients. :D This one's a must! We each ordered one and thank goodness we did, because otherwise we might not have gotten full fast enough from the individual dimsum dishes. I'd recommend ordering this as well, since it does act as a staple for the entire meal and while I can't remember all that was in the glutinous rice dish that made it so tasty, I remember there being hefty chunks of meat and very tasty glutinous rice that you could spend a long time chewing on because of its stickiness.

Middle: THE famous Golden Egg Yolk Lava Buns. Voted one of the best in Singapore if I'm not wrong. And mannnn they were good. A combination of sweet and salty in a hot molten yolk pasta that spilled out on the first bite. A must-try!

Right: Just a picture of the carnage after we got through with everything.


After that, even though we were pretty much bursting with dimsum, we still wanted dessert so we ended up going to THE original Rochor Beancurd House :D. For those of you who don't know, there's even a second floor above this place for customers to eat at. A good place to go to on weekday afternoons since it's pretty quiet and you get the almost all of the space on the second floor to yourself before they chase you out (which they didn't, for us!). Ice cold soya bean and beancurd is possibly one of the best desserts for a hot afternoon. 


Our attempts at a self-taken "Family Portrait". :) 

Honestly, I think most of the time the equation goes: 
overall meal experience = 40 % food + 60 % company. 



  1. the Golden Egg Yolk Lava Buns look so yummy! (i had to copy the name because it's soooo long ;D)

    Lynnette, my dear, tell me how are you doing lately? i hope you're a "shiny happy person" and that you also feel like one ;D

    the portrait is so cool, i like! hugs and kisses <3

  2. What a very yummy post! Oh and I want some of that milk tea!