Sunday, 10 June 2012

LOVES: The Head and The Heart

One of the BEST MOMENTS of my life happened when I was in Montreal. :) YES. I watched The Head and The Heart live in concert at La Tulipe, a gorgeous cozy theater/pub. Seriously, these guys are AMAZING. I first heard their song, Rivers and Roads, on the final episode of Chuck a few months back and since then I've been hooked. I was SO SO STOKED when I found out that they would be performing in Montreal the exact time that I would be there! SIGH. It was an amazing night. :)


Their music is incredible uplifting. It's got a strong acoustic background and really gorgeous, rich harmony from the three lead singers - Chastity, Jonathan and Josiah. Their voices blend sooooo well. Listening to their songs is like bathing in warm buttery chocolate. Can't think of any other description.


Isn't the stage set beautiful? I love how they made use of fairy lights and vines wrapped around the mic-stands. The entire feeling was cozy and personal - as if you'd stepped in someone's backyard for a get-together and a night of good music. 


There was such great energy from that performance. Almost everyone had to stand for about 3 hours (inclusive of the opening band before them) because there were limited seats but it was SO WORTH IT.


And one of the best parts of the performance was when Josiah did a solo for the song, Honey Come Home. :) He mentioned that he wanted to perform it closer to the way he had originally envisioned it when he had first composed it instead of the way it turned out in the album. A really sentimental song.

So there's probably no better way for me to describe this amazing band - just check out their website and videos on Youtube! Here are a few of my favorite songs: 

1. Winter Song (MY FAVORITE!) (I could play it over and over and over again.) (And I always get goosebumps when Jonathan (the second male voice you hear in the song) starts singing. X)

2. Down in The Valley - sweet and soothing, especially with the strains of the violin. 

3. Rivers and Roads - their famous song. The harmonies at the end are so good they give me goosebumps!


Whenever I think about Montreal I'll always think of this band as well. It just so happens that I was able to load their songs on to my iPhone so EVERYWHERE I WENT, pounding the streets of Montreal, cycling, being by myself on the metro... I was almost always listening to their songs. :) It's one of those things - when you have a song that you associate with a special experience and moment in time. 



  1. YAY your concert photos are sooo gooood! Your lens must be really good in low light! Love them!

    Montreal is FILLED with good music. And all your Montreal posts really makes me want to go, even though that's not really somewhere I ever thought about traveling too. I always associate Montreal with the freeeezing cold and I HATE THE COLD. But I bet summer is amazing!

    1. Aww thanks! :D haha well these the ones that weren't completely blur. Even so, I think if it's really zoomed it it's not super clear either. Ohh for a lens to use in dim lighting in concerts. :p

      YES, Montreal is such a fantastic place! And I didn't even go at the best time I think! Now that it's summer (and not freezing cold) it's really the most happening time of the year what with all the music festivals. :)