Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tiong Bahru: The Orange Thimble

Presenting the next part of this mini-series of Tiong Bahru triapses - The Orange Thimble! :) It's definitely a cafe I would go back to over and over again mainly for two things - 1. the atmosphere and 2. the desserts. I love how Tiong Bahru's transiting from an old sleepy area to one with a lot more activity going on in it what with the presence of cafes and stores (I like how Books Actually, 40 Hands and Strangelets are collectively known as the Holy Trinity of Tiong Bahru now lolll). It's such a nice place to take a leisurely stroll around especially when the weather's not stiflingly hot. The Orange Thimble is actually a bit of a walk down from the more well known Yong Siak Street where the aforementioned 3 stores are but it's really near Tiong Bahru Market so that might be an easier way to approach it for the first visit.

Photobucket Like countless others before me, I have a bit of a fixation on that lamp that looks like it's been yanked off the top of a taxi. Photobucket AND, I also just HAD to take a shot of this right outside their doorsteps. It's little things like these that really do make a difference to the entire feel of the place. You just feel like you're on the threshold of an enterprise that is at the very least, more creative in their approach to their business. PLUS, it definitely comes in handy in terms of publicity through social media because I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother with an iPhone and Instagram is going to be snapping a photo of this, hash-tagging it/GPS-locating it on their phones and spreading it like wildfire one Instagrammer at a time. :P Photobucket Choices choices... Photobucket If I'm not wrong, we had the English Breakfast Burger which was not spectacular, to be honest. I've read other reviews too and based on the other entrees we ate as well, I'd say this place is not someplace you'd want to go to purely for food. (Remember the two things I mentioned at the start!) But perhaps in the near future they'll be updating and improving their main menu. Photobucket Something worth trying though would be this chocolate cake of theirs! :) Can't remember the exact name but it's something like a thick delicious nutella tart. This, I had a hard time resisting and it was yummmmmy. But then again, nutella-anything would be delish.  PhotobucketLeft: Blueberry Cheesecake! 
Right: Couldn't resist taking a photo of this - its the Guy-Girl sign on the bathroom door.
PhotobucketLeft: Pretty good latte art here. 

Right: In accordance with their mantra - "where art meets cafe" - there's a small 'art gallery' deeper inside the cafe closer to its backyard which features photographs and works by local artists.

Skirt: Fancy French Cologne, Top: Ruche, shoes: ModCloth 
(I do like my glasses! Most versatile accessory yet) 

To sum things up in 3 words - Warm, homely, relaxed. A great place to go to for an afternoon coffee and dessert with friends. 

The Orange Thimble 
56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-68, Singapore 160056 
Their website --> HERE 

Hmm at the moment this blog seems to revolve solely around cafes and... more cafes! O_O but it should become more varied. There are so many things I would like to blog about (all the great magazines and books that I've come across recently for one) but... all the SG cafes to get through first. Singapore's just getting more and more fun to explore in my opinion :) with a ton of new cafes sprouting all the time. Perhaps they've already been there all along but we've just not noticed them. 

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