Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Le Rêve Bakery and Cafe

Oh yeah. So this has been another night of full out chillaxing. It started off by ending the afternoon session pretty early at around 4, talking a leisurely stroll back and enjoying the sun (the weather has been SO GOOD this week! :D), reading a little in bed, taking a cosy late afternoon nap (really love those), skyping with Donald and then going out for Chinese food with my roommate. :D I really didn't expect to eat much Asian food here in Montreal BUT for some reason I was really craving something strong and flavorful. And it was pretty decent food. Comparable to what you'd get at the SG hawker centers but of course at like 3 times the price. In my relaxed state I've managed to go through even more photos of Seattle. :) 
Here are some from when I met up with Jessalynn, her bf and another friend Si Xuan, for brunch at this really awesome cafe at the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle. Honestly, why haven't I explored these neighborhoods those numerous times that I've been to Seattle? I suppose I usually just end up spending a lot of time with my cousins either at home or at their Girl Scout activities ;p so this was quite a nice change - to actually explore Seattle a little more than before.

Photobucket This place is just incredible. Tons and tons of pastries and the delicious homely scent of flaky crust everywhere! It took us agessss to decide on what to order because everything looked SO GOOD. The place was bustling but we managed to get a table at the back of the restaurant within no time. The staff here are incredible friendly. While I was busy taking photos, a lady comes up to me and says, "Thank you for taking photos of our store!" and I look up in surprise, half-embarrassed and half-nervous because well, normally the only time store owners speak to you when you've got your camera out is to tell you to put it away, no? This lady turned out to be the owner to the place! And she actually thanked me for taking photos and encouraged me to post it on facebook and share it with friends. That's an enlightened businesswoman I'll tell ya that. :) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  
After much deliberation, we finally decided to get a bunch of pastries to share! Photobucket  
1. The Kouign Amann was recommended by the guy behind the counter. I think it could have been one of my favorite! It's basically a plain sweet pastry but it had just the right amount of sweetness to it. Combined with the soft doughy texture on the inside and the sweet crispiness on the surface...ohhh I could've eaten a whole lot more of that for sure. Photobucket  2.Ham and cheese croissant! Actually SUPER tasty. ;DPhotobucket 3.Almond croissant which was another recommended pastry. Basically if you're not sure I think you can just ask them and they'll recommend a whole bunch which you can't go wrong with. :)Photobucket  4. The double chocolate croissant. SIGH. <3 I don't think I need to say much more. PhotobucketLeft: You should definitely check this place out if you happen to be in the neighborhood! And there's a space outside for al fresco dining so I can just imagine how gorgeous it'll be in the Spring when the weather's warm enough for lazy brunches and teas outside the cafe.

Le Rêve Bakery and Cafe 
1805 Queen Anne Ave N
Ste 100 
Seattle, WA 98109

Right: A store near where the car was parked. I think it sold Children's Toys but I was really intrigued by the way they decorated the side of the house! :) Definitely an eye-catcher. 

Btw, in my previous post I'd mentioned that I had come across an even cuter dog than Krayon right? :D Well, here he is!!!


Meet Newton! :D This dawggy is seriously one of the CUUUUUUUUTEST dogs I've ever seen/come across in my entire life!! I fell in love with him the moment I saw his big old black eyes widen in shock when he spotted Krayon walking along in the opposite direction towards him. It was hilarious and oh-so-adorable.
Photobucket Basically what happened was that we were walking along the same sidewalk and the two dogs spotted each other from a distance away. It was so obvious that when Newton spotted Krayon, he got a real shock. Because his eyes completely widened and he came to a stop. Look at him the picture. XD TOO CUTE. Photobucket Next came the inspection. We asked the owner who said that Newton's about 7 years old! So he's an old grandpaw while Krayon's still really young, only about 1 year old! So it really was akin to an old grandpa meeting a young spritely boy on the street. Think UP. Photobucket Photobucket Finally, lots of nosing!!! SNIFF. X) These two were just plain sweet. 

Does anyone have any idea what kind of dog Newton is?? (He's the one on the RIGHT incase you've had trouble following. After all, they are both cute and white. ;p) I really wanna get a similar dog in the future!! And I hope he's pudgy and squat just like Newton is. I can imagine the two of us taking our time with walks in the afternoons...stopping by cafes for coffee...and then doughnuts on the way home. :)

Thinking about this cutie makes me happy. That was a great brunch all in all.   

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  1. Those pastries look amazing! I could see why it would take you ages to decide what to have but you made some great choices. Ooh that double chocolate croissant must've been heavenly!

    Cute doggies! Newton looks like Yorkshire Terrier to me.

    Thanks for dropping by and for your kind well wishes Lynette! Vertigo is indeed awful! I'm actually feeling somewhat decent today so I'm living it up while it lasts.

    rolala loves