Saturday, 17 March 2012

24h in Tokyo - Part 2

May I remind you that when we were in Tokyo, it was plain freezing?? Not that it was minus O (though it MIGHT have been O_o during one of the nights?) but I do think my mum and I were quite unprepared. So we were walking around without proper thermals/warm boots/layers... But it's great that we passed through Tokyo on the way to Seattle because when we got there we were more or less acclimatized to the cold. ;p It snowed the day after we reached Tokyo. :) And well, I now know how the locals must feel about the snow because while it's gorgeous to look at from indoors or when you're overseas looking at a photo on your computer in the warmth of your house/bed/blankets, it sucks to be IN the snow! The main thing that was going through my mind while watching the snow come down was, ok you're pretty but you're also totally in the way! With the snow, it just got colder and the streets were wet and slippery... not ideal for walking around and shopping especially when we had limited time there. Ah well. But though my fingers were freezing, I still managed to take a couple of shots. :)

Photobucket Ginza in the snow. Photobucket Last time...well, maybe a couple of years ago when I first started getting into photography, I used to not want to try editing photos very much because I felt that it would be unauthentic... Like it would be cheating somehow. But now, I'm all for it. Also because I've come to realize that through editing photos, it's sometimes easier to convey the feeling of that moment captured. So it's not just the image itself but also a hint of the emotions that are tied to it. Just something I've felt for quite awhile now. ;) Photobucket Snow everywhere! Photobucket Photobucket On the way back to the hotel after a very unfruitful trip to my mum's favorite shoe store at Ginza, I stopped by the famous Baumkuchen (type of layered cake) store at Ginza. It's really popular in Japan and the good news is, it's now at the basement level of Takashimaya in S'pore! ;p They sell the regular sized cakes and also cheaper smaller portions (probably from the leftover scraps of cake) that are equally good. Photobucket Left: Florist in the rain. 
Right: Just thought this was a pretty hilarious sight. I can imagine the dialogue going on. So the caption of this photograph would be, "Will You Be My Friend?" When in reality, if you hadn't already known, Big Rabbit is most likely giving out tissue packets with porno adverts tucked into it. Yeah. Sorry to burst your bubble there. But they often hand out free packets of tissue on the streets with really weird adverts in them. (I still always try to get them since free tissue is always great!) 
I really wish we could've spent a much longer time there. There were so many places that I wanted to check out this time in Tokyo especially since I'd learnt of a few new neighbourhoods like Kichijoji which are apparently the up and coming/funky neighbourhoods. Can't wait to go back soooooooooooooooooooon.


  1. Your photos are so beautifully edited, what lens are you using now?

    Man tell me about it, I friggin hate snow after living in New York for 4 years. It's so annoying and it's the worst when you come home from walking around in snow and your shoes are all wet :#

    I haven't been to Tokyo in ages I really wanna go!!

    1. Aww thanks!! :DD I used the canon 30mm f1.4 for those shots. Still trying to work on improving it though but glad you like them!

      EEE wet cold shoes must be the worst!

      You'd totally enjoy Tokyo! It's one of the best cities ever. :D

  2. that bit about bursting our bubble with the rabbit was really cool!