Tuesday, 18 March 2014

matcha love: Matcha-Lemon marble swirl pound cake

Oh Matcha. Matcha matcha matcha. Show me a person who doesn't love matcha and I'd like to bring him or her to a place to enjoy matcha in all its wondrous forms. Ochacha (my favorite matcha cafe) would be a good place to start. Seriously, there are times when I entertain thoughts of perhaps opening a matcha themed cafe next time. Of course, I'd probably try to throw in a few healthy dishes that can be eaten for lunch/dinner but there would also be some really funky matcha latte art involved. Now to first figure out how to make a proper matcha drink. 

That said, I could love Matcha for the calming effects it has on me or for the fact that it's got a gazillion health benefits - it purportedly improves memory and concentration, boosts your immune system, increases energy levels, ups your metabolism rate (and hopefully burns off those calories at the same time), and improves your cholesterol profile. More than enough reasons to start drinking it on a regular basis if you ask me. One thing I love doing is incorporating Matcha into baked goods because it just makes it seem a tad healthier. ;p So far I've tried Matcha Shortbread Cookies , Matcha financiers (post about those to come soon!) and most recently, Matcha and Lemon pound cake. Pound cakes are probably the easiest to bake for me. Cookies, I have some trouble with because I find it tough to get them crispy AND thin at the same time. But with pound cakes, all it needs is a good batter, into the oven it goes and within 20-30 minutes, a thing of beauty/major yum emerges.

 photo matchacake1.jpg

 photo matchacake2.jpg

 photo matchacake3smaller.jpg
(Matcha and lemon marble pound cake, with hot green tea on the side, of course ;D) 

I remember baking these on a late Sunday afternoon and by the time these came out, it was that golden hour between 5 - 6 pm, with the Sunday dampening down its golden rays and the neighbourhood quietening down as people start getting settling down/ready for dinner. It's probably one of my favorite times of the week. Give this a go with THIS recipe from Joy the Baker, whose recipes, I might add, have always worked out really well. :) I probably cut down the sugar content to half or two-thirds and it still tasted really good. I might add more matcha the next time I make this just to give it a stronger flavour. And thank god for youtube because I'd never marbled a cake before but I learnt how to with this video. Tell me how it works out if you try this too! xoxo


  1. Omg Lynette! I always love your matcha recipes... I seriously need to try this!

    1. Hi Melody! :DD Thank youuu! This one was really easy and i'm sure you'd love it. So nice to hear from you <3