Thursday, 20 March 2014

Home-Cooked: The All Time Fav - Banana Bread

One of my favorite things to bake would be BREAD. :) Granted, it often requires the longest waiting time because it usually involves proofing for an hour or two till it's doubled in size and so on... but the feeling of punching and kneading dough with your bare hands...very cathartic. That said, there are other bread recipes that don't require that sort of time/effort but can still give really yummy stuff such as BANANA BREAD. I like to throw in blueberries into the mix because they taste so good together! One time I was a little more ambitious and added strawberries into the mix but then I realized that unless you are gonna eat all of the bread up on the same day or the next day latest, it gives a really moist (that turns soggy quickly) bread because of all the moisture from the strawberries. Blueberries + walnuts are a safe and delicious bet.

I usually try to get recipes that are on the healthier side with less sugar (once I see more than 1 cup of sugar involved which can't be cut down to a smaller portion I skip on to the next one) and more substitutes like applesauce. You can try THIS RECIPE over here for starters.

 photo blueberrybananabreadmore1smaller.jpg

 photo blueberrybananabread3smaller.jpg

 photo blueberrybananabread1smaller.jpg

X)) Don't you just love the taste and colour of blueberries? They're probably my favorite berries to use in baking. Raspberries tend to be a little too tart and need the sweetness of say...lemon curd to go along with them. And for strawberries... well when they're sweet and juicy I just love to eat them as they are instead of baking them. It's a dream of mine to go berry picking one day! I would just have a field day picking, eating, snapping photos, maybe baking them into a pie after...So many dreams. <3  

Plus this recipe is a good one to start with because from here you can add in your own variations - Banana Oats Bread... Banana + Oats + Walnuts Bread... Banana + Chocolate + Walnuts Bread... MMM. 

Here are some of the Banana Breads I've tried (over the course of the past few months of course ;p):

1. Banana Walnut Oats Bread 

 photo bananaoatsbread4smaller-1.jpg

 photo bananaoatsbread3smaller.jpg

 photo bananaoatsbread2smaller.jpg

2. Banana Chocolate Bread 

 photo chocoblueberrybananabread1.jpg

It's highly possible that I might have eaten these last Banana + Chocolate ones too quickly or packed 'em up to give to someone hence there are no other photos ;p. But isn't the combination of banana and chocolate just irresistible? 

All ready to bake some banana bread now? Let me know if you've got some combinations for Banana bread (or any kind of bread for that matter) that you like and would recommend!  

More next time! 


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  1. oh my... yum! that banana chocolate bread looks soooo goooooood. you are seriously so legit in all your baking .. lucky boyfriend/family/friends near by! haha :)