Thursday, 10 October 2013

muesli love

You know it's a good day, when you can start it off with a hearty bowl of muesli. :) It's something that, for me at least, requires time and patience to savour. Sounds strange, I know, since it's probably a dish that most people view as a quick/on-the-go type of breakfast. But on working days, sleep (even a luxurious mere 2 minutes more) trumps breakfast anytime. Since I had some leftover thawed berries (from the almost vegan triple berries cheesecake attempt) and a glorious Sunday morning ahead of me, I was able to put together muesli with Silk soy milk (soooo good) and leftover berries.

 photo mueslismaller_zpsb8d3db44.jpg


This week has been so tiring. But I'm so relieved that the weekend is almost upon us!! Hang in there.


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