Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lake Matheson Cafe

SO HAPPY to have finished work early today. And by early, I mean getting home before 7pm. This 2 weeks since coming back from Montreal has been HARSH. I guess it's always going to be rough returning back to work/reality after a holiday but these 2 weeks were plain tiring. After an epic-ly hideous call, I ignored my body's screams/pleas for sleep and went out instead for dinner with a bestie whom I hadn't caught up with in ages. After that, the viral flu set in. Plain miserable to be sick. But then you realize that the body really can be a lot smarter than the brain. There's probably still a huge sleep debt that needs to be paid off but for now, I feel happy and energized enough to look through more NZ photos. :)

One of my favorite places that we went to in NZ was Lake Matheson Cake. This was near Fox Glacier where we did a SICK morning of ice climbing (never again! I was that close to keeling over. NEVERRRR AGAIN). We'd read in Lonely Planet that this cafe was a great place to head to for breakfast followed by a walk by the lake but due to drizzly weather and foggy skies, we ended up only making it for breakfast and not the lake. :p Didn't bother us much though. The beautiful cafe was more than enough eye candy and we were some of the only customers there. What a feeling to be in such a place of beauty with SO FEW PEOPLE AROUND after being so used to negotiating jam-packed crowds in any cafe remotely promising the potential of quiet space.

 photo lakematterson5smaller_zpse853ca75.jpg

Just fell in love with the floor to ceiling glass windows and the clean lines of these wooden chairs and tables.

 photo lakematheson3smaller_zps679010af.jpg

 photo lakematforblog3_zps90205379.jpg

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Some flavour combinations are so good you wonder how people came up with them in the first place.

 photo lakematforblog2_zps107f60c6.jpg

Typical English Breakfast with hash. YUM.

 photo lakematterson1smaller_zps8d50a428.jpg

 photo lakematheson7smaller_zps9beb42ba.jpg

 photo lakematheson8smaller_zps5fc2a03f.jpg

MMMM MUESLI! This was SO GOOD. I think this was the time when I fell in love with muesli and yoghurt drizzled with honey. It's such a simple thing to whip up for breakfast and really fills the tummy but I suppose it's something I would only do on a holiday or if I were on leave. You just need to have the patience and the mood for a slow, leisurely breakfast in order to truly enjoy something like this. On a daily basis, sleep > breakfast anytime.

 photo LAKEMATforblog1_zpsd6c01196.jpg

 photo lakematheson2smaller_zps5dd432e3.jpg

I would gladly pay for a holiday and go overseas if only to bury myself in an oasis of tranquility. Some people prefer getting out and bonding with nature but for me, I just like a quiet cafe with good food, good company and a good view. 

So here: 
PO Box 86, Fox Glacier New Zealand 

Trust me on this ;)

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