Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Why, hello there. It's been quite awhile hasn't it! Gosh, the last time I posted I'd envisioned myself posting and sharing photos a little bit more frequently but the past month has whizzed by. I think it's good though, when work goes by quickly. ;p In a way I'm looking forward to the end of this first year of work but there have been so many times during this posting that I've sat back and thought that man, things are going really well at the moment. It's definitely not as stressful as other upcoming postings and I actually do get most Sundays off so... there's so much to be grateful for and to enjoy at the moment. Am hoping I'll always keep feeling that way. 

I just got back from my very first leave since starting work! X) It was such a great trip - to Montreal! A lot of my friends wonder why on earth I would travel to the other end of the earth (nearly, quite literally) for not even 2 weeks (sigh, leave limited to a maximum of 7 days not inclusive of weekends) but seriously, there are always so many reasons to go to Montreal. This time, the MAJOR push factor was the Osheaga music festival with its insane line-up of bands. ;) But ok I'm getting ahead of myself. Before sharing the Montreal photos I feel the compulsive need to at least finish up those from New Zealand. I know you're probably thinking, you just traveled again?! But there are a few things I believe in living for ;) - food, music, travel... amongst other things.

So here's another place to recommend if you ever decide to head to NZ's South Island for a holiday - the gorgeous Arrowtown! 

 photo arrowforblog1_zps8f9d90fd.jpg

Aren't the colours just incredible? We'd heard that this was THE place to go to to experience the beautiful autumn foliage and it's a very short drive away from Queenstown, the main town that we did all our crazy adventure sports at.

 photo arrowtownforblog5_zpsf75b6d22.jpg

It's places like these that always make me wish SG had 4 seasons in a year. 4 chances to take a new set of photos with the changing environment each time...4 chances to update your wardrobe... 

 photo arrowforblog2_zpsa7f20241.jpg

This town is peaceful, quiet...perfect for a day trip if you're looking to find some tranquility/to be near nature. Probably a place that I wouldn't mind retiring in. On the left is the picture of the town library. Took this while we were on a walking tour that was supposed to be able the trees in Arrowtown. I kid you not. The title of the talk that we spotted on the brochure was sth akin to An Introduction to the Arrowtown Trees. For some reason at the time we thought it would be a good way to see some Arrowtown sights and learn a little about the place... we didn't last more than 10 minutes into the walk. I'm still hoping they didn't notice us leaving but it was probably a very obvious sight - the only 5 Chinese people in the crowd surreptitiously sneaking off when the group walked on to the next tree.

 photo arrowtownforblog4_zps2253408a.jpg 

 photo arrowtownforblog3_zps8dc5bf4a.jpg  

Couldn't help notice that there were so many picture-perfect bits in Arrowtown. Plus, the flowers were gorgeousss. It was all I could do to not stop at almost every single one to take a photo.

 photo arrowtownforblog_zps707875ff.jpg  

Looking back, that trip really was such good fun. There was a particular Samsung ringtong that we used as our alarm every morning - it's the gentle sound of running water coupled with a soothing melodious melody in the background. Whenever I heard that ringtone at work I'm immediately transported back to the early mornings when we'd hear that ringtone, enjoy it for awhile...then unanimously ignore it (all except for the poor person who had to switch it off heheh). Ok that's all for to sleep. Feeling jet-lagged already. I'm SO relieved that the next two days are public holidays - time to catch up with friends, editing/developing photos and sleeeeep. XD xoxo

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