Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Compl(i)ments of

Compl(i)ments of is a place I've been meaning to return to ever since I stepped foot into it about a month ago. I stumbled upon it when Donald and I had decided to check out the exhibition - Google Translating Tokyoto , a wonderful cozy exhibition (put up by an insanely creative family who decided to document their trip to Tokyo in the form of a famzine/'family-zine') held at the gallery space in Temporium. Temporium's part diner/gallery/pop-up store which apparently may only be around till the middle of March (!) =( but I'm hoping they'll decide to carry on in that premises. Compl(i)ments of is the diner portion, featuring coffee from everyone's favorite Papa Palheta and beautiful ceramic wares by the ceramics collective Weekend Warrior. Simply put, it's a gorgeous space. The minute I walked in, I could feel my heart quietening down, the way you might feel when walking into a hushed, rarefied space. It's been a long while since I've been to a cafe/place so pretty in its design.

 photo temporium2smaller_zps6d488ec8.jpg

It had been drizzling that afternoon so we skipped through the puddles and raindrops to Temporium. All worth it because the exhibition was great and the rest time after in the cafe was perfect. :)

 photo temporium-2smaller_zps45cb96e0.jpg

Isn't that a great way to display the cup and plate? Everything was designed so beautifully in this place; all down to the last detail.

 photo tempoblog_zps29cdde06.jpg

Enjoying a rainy afternoon cappuccino and accompanying biscuits. 

 photo temporium4smaller_zpsae82f88f.jpg

Les perpetual face.  

72 – 74 

(I've been meaning to sign up for one of their courses! They periodically hold courses such as Terrarium-making which would be sooo fun. Do check them out) 

Ever since starting work, I think my social life has definitely taken its toll. But I'm pretty sure most of my colleagues would say the same. It's tough. The first year is always going to tough and we all knew that from the start. More and more, whenever I have free time, one of the things I crave doing is 1. lying in bed with a good book (this past year has been about Murakami)(currently in the middle of his opus, 1Q84) 2. spending time in a quiet place sipping on tea and feeling the stress ebb away. So much of it has been about the search for down time. Without which, I would be a lot more worn out and just plain frazzled. 

So here's to a great rest of the week, with pockets of precious down time purposefully snuck in. ;) 



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