Saturday, 11 August 2012

short, easy words like "what about lunch?"

Hello, most-perfect-7-layered-pancake-I've-come-across-in-my-life-that-comes-complete-with-a-generous-mound-of-all-my-favorite-berries. :)


Ohhhh yeah. Doesn't that look insanely good? IT WAS. This was actually taken agesss ago when my friends and I (we've labelled ourselves The Brunch Club which sounds rather affectionate eh? But it's really just to mask our true colours -- that we're all just a bunch of gluttons who can't get up before 11am on a weekend!) decided to venture out to this fantastic restaurant called Barracks @ Dempsey (so named because apparently it used to be British military barracks; not that you would be able to tell from looking, because it's been renovated so well) for brunch one sunny Saturday morning. The dish in the above picture is the 7 layer Pancake,which, if you haven't already gotten the cravings for, will bring you down to your knees based on sheer looks alone. Coupled with the very generous helpings of blueberries/strawberries/pistachios/apricots/raisins jammed pack in between the layers of soft, fluffy pancakes, it's PURE BLISS I tell you, PURE BLISS. :) Probably the best pancakes I've eaten...ever. And really because I just love the combination of pancakes with summer berries. It's also probably the one thing I might be able to try making for myself one day since it's just a matter of getting the ingredients and artfully displaying them on a plate with homemade pancakes...BUT, I'm not really going to try that anytime soon because once I start making them at home, it means I have the ability to prepare AND eat all that pretty much every weekend...or every day for that matter if I give in to my cravings. So it's good to save some things for outside dining.

(Oh, but I guess an actual 7 layered pancake would be too good to be true. ;p Incase you haven't noticed, it's really only 1/4 of 7 layers. HMMPH.) 


Funky newsletter-style menu. That's one of the things I love about this place -- unique aesthetics (which includes the interiors of the restroom!). 



Eggs benedict! :) I'd love to learn to cook these one day. But after watching that scene in Julie & Julia in which she uses up about a dozen eggs... Not quite on my priority list of things to do. 


The Oregon Salmon Hash was a real winner! Warm, hearty mixture of salmon chunks, potatoes, chives, sour cream... all in perfect proportions of course. I remember really liking this and licking it clean to the base.


Squid ink pizza. I know it's supposed to be one of the dishes the Skinny Pizza franchise is famous for but I'm more of a traditional, good ol' plain crust pizza kinda gal. What you see on your plate definitely plays a huge role in how you make sense of it and appreciate its flavors. (i.e, looking down at my slice of blackened crust pizza, I had a hard time reminding myself that I wasn't eating some form of hardened ash. ;p True story.) 


Calzones always look better than they taste, in my opinion. I just like how they look like GIANT curry puffs. :D

Now on to the desserts! 


Rumbaba rum-baba...cha-cha-cha! That name just sounds awfully catchy doesn't it? I'm not the biggest fan of this cake that really just tastes like a sponge cake soaked to the brim with rum. But my alcoholic friends with good alcohol tolerance really swear by this baby. 



This was probably a chocolate and banana cake. :) 

So, I'm pretty sure we didn't eat ALL of that in one sitting...............

I'm quite certain. These must be photos from two separate occasions lumped together. It's not possible that we were able to scruff down ALL THAT FOOD. O_O Or did we? 


T +65 64757787

Whatever the case, Barracks @ Dempsey is definitely one of my favorite brunch places to go to in the entire SG. There are only a number of drawbacks and these are probably the main reasons why I've only gone about twice in the past year or so:

1. It's hard to get to this place without a car. That's the way Dempsey is built. -_- Which is annoying but it's part of the nature of that place - an enclave with tons of awesome, mostly expensive restaurants that, if it were more accessible, would definitely be overrun by people at nights and on weekends, making the experience not so enjoyable. 
2. It's kinda...pricey. But that's the case with most Dempsey restaurants. I'd say, give this place a shot and you won't regret it though. Save up for a few weeks or go there when you decide you want a treat. 

In a nutshell, it's perfect for

- first dates (thumbs up to any guy who brings a girl for brunch here!! :D)
- a date with close friends 
- a morning/afternoon/night of indulgence
- reminding yourself of the sheer JOY that GOOD FOOD can bring 


To end off the post, here's a shot of the mug my friend had bought for me from her trip to China. Very loosely translated from Chinese, it means, "EAT WELL, SLEEP EVERYDAY". :) I can't think of a better motto for life, eh? 

Recently it seems that my blog has morphed more into a food blog with occasional outfit shot posts... I'd really initially envisioned it to cover more topics that these two ;p but most of the time when I do get to go out/enjoy some free time, the only things that are picture-worthy are when I go out for meals. Hence all the food shots. Asian-style. 

I do want to share more things like clothing collections from my favorite labels/designers...or photos of interiors that are gorgeous and inspirational...or more things related to design... but those things do take time to put together. And unfortunately, I guess work/studies are always going to have to take the upperhand when it comes to deciding what to with my free time. I'm hoping it won't be that way after I graduate though. We'll see. 

But in the meantime, I shall get back to editing more of my travel photos. AND, another thing I shall start doing a little more of is sharing some of my favorite quotes. Today I just realized how incredibly touching Winnie the Pooh quotes can be! A. A. Milne, the author, writes in a way that is so simple and perfect for kids, yet pregnant with meaning that probably only older children/adults can decipher. Just happened to read some quotes online today and here's one for the road:

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?” 

 ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh 



  1. hahaha, love the quote! :) these pictures are so yummy and pretty! i want that pancake!! looking forward to your travel photos too :)

    1. I want more of that pancake too!! X)

  2. That's a cute quote :)
    I don't mind with the food photography! Keep them coming! :D Your photos are always so nice to look at :)